Private Collections

Private Collections

The RCC can maintain private collections of algae and bacteria for off-site back-up of the valuable culture strains of users. Strains are kept in active culture in liquid medium or cryopreserved (when possible), depending on the preference of the depositor. Private strains are not displayed on our public website and are completely confidential, being made available only to the depositor (or to any third party authorized in writing by the depositor). Maintenance of private collections by the RCC is subject to an annual fee that includes one free order of the strain (additional orders billed at standard RCC starter culture rate).

Deposit your Private Collection

Prior to shipping, users wishing to deposit a private strain must submit a Private Collection Deposit Form for each strain and sign and return our Terms and Conditions for Private Deposit. Depositors are responsible for the cost of shipping the cultures to the RCC. When strains are received, RCC staff will verify their identity and purity. If the strain passes this initial assessment, it will be handled as stated in the Private Collection Deposit Form for the stated term of the agreement. Users will be billed, based upon the requested deposit option, upon RCC acceptance of the strains as a private collection. Annual fees are paid directly through the website.

Private collection holding options include:

1) Maintenance in active liquid culture when the strain can be grown in standard RCC conditions (4 to 24 ºC; media listed on our website).

2) Cryopreservation of a liquid culture conducted by the RCC. Feasibility of cryopreservation will be discussed with the user. For each strain, 9 cryo-tubes will be cryopreserved: 3 will be used to test for post-thaw viability and 6 are destined for long-term storage. The RCC will prepare a report of the protocol used and results obtained for the depositor. Cryopreservation will only be billed for strains that resume active growth after thawing. The RCC reserves the right to refuse to attempt cryopreservation for strains which, in it’s experience, are likely to be recalcitrant to cryopreservation. Any cryopreservation trials outside this scope will be treated as a research project for which a specific quote will be generated.  

Returning Private Collection strains to the depositor:

Private strains should be ordered by sending a mail to RCC staff. Once the request has been made, the RCC will start the process of preparing the strain (sub-culturing or thawing depending on the state of the culture) which can take one to four weeks depending on the strain. Within any annual billing cycle the first order will be provided free-of-charge (user responsible for shipping costs) and subsequent orders will be charged at the standard RCC starter culture rate

To deposit a strain to a private collection, please review the RCC Terms and Conditions for Private Deposit (downloadable below). Prices for private strain deposit are detailed here. During the ordering process you can specify the number of strains deposited and the number of years initially ordered.